VertexCFO has been a partner of SalesScout since 2015 providing fractional CFO and Controller services. VertexCFO has provided strategic services to assist with a $2.5M capital raise, improving the accounting structure, financial reports,  providing cash flow tools and budgeting/forecasting.   


PMDS engaged VertexCFO in 2017 to transition the financials to an accrual basis and oversee the accounting operations of PMDS.  The redesign of the financial reports and updated financial information has provided its key stakeholders accurate financial information  to scale and grow the company.  


VertexCFO was retained to assist in the acquisition and due diligence of two companies.  VertexCFO played a critical role in the due diligence process identifying and analyzing key financial and operational areas to insure a successful acquisition.  VertexCFO highlighted key operational and growth strategies for the new owner to focus on post acqusition.  


PatientNow has been working with VertexCFO since 2016 to provide fractional CFO services.  VertexCFO was engaged to improve the financial operations and reporting of the company. VertexCFO provides ongoing support at the CFO and Controller level to provide cash flow monitoring, monthly financial reporting and budgeting. 


VertexCFO was engaged to provide changes to the existing accounting structure that has been in place since 2012. VertexCFO restructured the chart of accounts to create financial reports that are meaningful to management and owners. VertexCFO identified reporting inconsistencies and provided solutions to correct and update financial information.  VertexCFO provides support to the existing accounting team and continues to drive improvements to scale the company for growth. 


VertexCFO was retained to provide a fractional Director of Accounting. VertexCFO has been engaged since 2016 and has assisted ERA to hire a full time Director in 2018 to assume the leadership of the company due to its growth.