Fractional CFO and Controller Services and Accounting Support


Fractional accounting support is ideal for growing companies who need seasoned CFO and/or Controller services for financial and business challenges, yet lack the budget or need for full-time resources. The VertexCFO team oversees financial operations and develops key finance and accounting tools for owners – including cash flow forecasting reports, financial forecast models, tax compliance support, performance reports, investment risk and opportunity analyses, and more. Our solid, easily-digestible monthly financial reports give business owners the detailed information they need to run their business and confidently present to their board of directors and potential investors. Our fractional CFOs and Controllers are also experienced working in a mentoring role to in-house accounting teams to prepare them for company evolution.

Capital Raise Advisory Services


Capital alternatives are plentiful but choosing the wrong method can have serious ramifications for your business. VertexCFO will be an integral part of your senior leadership team, getting your finances in order, reviewing your company’s specific needs and helping you determine the best sources of capital funding – which could include private equity financing, debt financing, corporate restructuring, venture capital, angel funding or other capital-raise sources. We serve on your senior leadership team to strategize around capital raise and present financials in your conversations with potential investors.

Buy/Sell Transactions (M&A Support)


Buying or selling a business is a daunting and complex process, and VertexCFO will shepherd the deal from start to finish, providing the general oversight and coordination owners need for a successful closing. We recognize that your team needs to focus on day-to-day business operations essential for the business’s continued progression. For owners who are buying or selling, we drive the due diligence process, work with M&A teams (attorneys, tax accountants, bankers, buyers and target companies), carefully examine tax structures and deal terms, identify and resolve potential snags in those terms and assure a successful outcome, both financially and culturally.

Why Clients Partner with Us

  • VertexCFO relationship allows Owners and Principals to focus on the growth of the company
  • The company is growing quickly and needs financial systems established for scalability, financial reporting and cash flow
  • The company is preparing to buy or sell a business and the financial records need to be set up for a successful transaction
  • Financial information is more complex, and the numbers don’t make sense
  • The current accounting team can’t provide reasons for financial fluctuations
  • Cash flow is tight, and the business is growing quickly
  • Financial reports are late and don’t provide information that is understandable
  • The company needs capital or debt to grow and requires additional sophistication to obtain capital
  • Records are kept on cash basis vs. accrual (GAAP) basis and the information is difficult to understand
  • Revenue and cost structure doesn’t support a full time CFO role

What We Can Do

  • VertexCFO has extensive accounting and financial reporting for emerging growth companies
  • We are a Trusted Advisor for our partners overseeing the financial operations of the Company
  • The month end financial reports will provide summary of key variances and explanations for review with key stakeholders
  • We will establish scalable financial systems
  • We have a team approach of fractional Controllers and Accountants who are solid performers with extensive work history
  • Our financial information provided will be accurate and meaningful
  • VertexCFO has experience in operations and strategic leadership
  • We drive the budgeting, planning and forecasting process for our clients
  • We can assist with board relations and reporting
  • We negotiate and structure successful debt financing agreements and operating lines of credit