Outsourced Finance and Accounting Services for Growth Companies

CFO, Controller and Accounting Support on an Outsourced, Part-time, or Interim Basis



Does any of this sound familiar?

You want to leverage the expertise of a CFO/Controller team — on an as-needed basis.

You need a solid understanding of your company’s financial health and the reporting records to prove it.

You want to partner with a CFO to bring financial discipline, budgeting, and reporting to communicate with potential investors or buyers.

You want to make informed, strategic business decisions.

You’ve outgrown your accounting team and need strategic expertise and a mentor for the team.

You aren’t ready to invest in a full-time CFO when you can get access to what you need at a fraction of the cost.

VertexCFO can help. We bring you the CFO and Controller knowledge to support budgeting, forecasting, and cash management. We’ll help you ensure the accuracy of monthly financials and projections, as well as financial presentations to investors and stakeholders. We supplement current accounting teams, providing CFO and Controller advisory services on a scalable fractional basis.

CFO and Controller Services

Outsourced CFO and Controller support is ideal for growing companies who need seasoned CFO and/or Controller services for financial and business challenges, yet lack the budget or need for full-time resources. The VertexCFO team oversees financial operations and develops key finance and accounting tools for owners – including cash flow forecasting reports, financial forecast models, tax compliance support, performance reports, investment risk and opportunity analyses, and more. Our solid, easily-digestible monthly financial reports give business owners the detailed information they need to run their business and confidently present to their board of directors and potential investors. Our fractional CFOs and Controllers work on a part-time, and sometimes interim basis, and are experienced working in a mentoring role for in-house accounting teams.

“In the midst of a pandemic, I would be alarmed if I didn’t have the ability to see financials the way VertexCFO set them up. We’ve never had visibility into the business and operational KPIs. Now that we do, I am far more confident that I can make good decisions – especially in light of current events.”

– C. C., PHD, COO, private multi-million dollar laboratory company

Capital Raise Advisory Services

Capital alternatives are plentiful but choosing the wrong method can have serious ramifications for your business. VertexCFO partners with your senior leadership team, gets your finances in order, review your company’s specific needs and helps you determine the best sources of capital funding. We provide solid, easily-digestible reports on your company’s financial health so you can present confidently to potential investors. We serve on your senior leadership team to strategize around capital raise and assist with presenting company, financial and growth strategies in your conversations with potential investors for successful capital raises.
“You aren’t going to successfully raise capital unless you have a strong CFO who can prepare the P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statements. I would not hesitate to bring VertexCFO into any investor meeting, ever. I trust him emphatically. He would bring a vote of confidence to any company.”

– C.L., CEO, B2B data solutions company with Series A funding

Buy/Sell Transactions (M&A Support)

Buying or selling a business is a daunting and complex process, and VertexCFO will shepherd the deal from start to finish, providing the general oversight and coordination owners need for a successful closing. We recognize that your team needs to focus on day-to-day business operations essential for the business’s continued progression. For owners who are buying or selling, we drive the due diligence process, work with M&A teams (attorneys, tax accountants, bankers, buyers and target companies), carefully examine tax structures and deal terms, identify and resolve potential snags in those terms and assure a successful outcome, both financially and culturally.

“As a result of working with VertexCFO, when we were approached to sell, we were able to seize the opportunity when it presented itself. The VertexCFO team went through the battle with us as our outsourced CFO. They led the calls, helping me orchestrate my moves because it was brand new for me. I’d never been through anything like that, and they had. They could pass their previous experience on to me and there was a ton of value in it. VertexCFO touched anything financial. We were able to sell the company in 90 days.”

– J.S, CEO, a national medical billing services company

Accounting Support

VertexCFO supplements current accounting teams, bringing knowledge to budgeting, forecasting, cash management, and accuracy of monthly financials. When a client outgrows their current accounting team, we offer strategic expertise, and mentoring to their existing staff to set up processes and procedures to help them be more effective. We can also support companies with interim, part-time or temporary accounting services as needed.
“They are very hands-on. We appreciate their candor and proactive approach. We have the financial data that we trust now.”

– G.S., CEO and Founder, high growth marketing company running EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System)