“I can’t gush enough about what a lifesaver VertexCFO was for BiggerPockets. They not only walked into a tough situation and made sense of it, but they left our finance department in a much better position, with processes and procedures, in a matter of months.”

“Our institutional knowledge evaporated with the departure of our finance team. We had a closing process that had an enormous checklist with complicated excel files rather than an automated process in the GL. They had to close the 1st month by tracking down numerous hard-coded numbers hidden in complicated excel files. Despite that challenge, they shortened our close process and got us through the first couple of months, and then were able to improve our process. They used our existing GL software to automate and eliminate wasteful procedures, shortening our close process from 10 days to 5.”

“As the CEO, I appreciated their independence and ability to figure out the situation without my over-involvement. They were able to close the books, improve and accelerate our close process, and handle our annual audit process at the same time, allowing me to focus on my job while they handled the accounting and controller activities.”

“We hired VertexCFO during a difficult transition in our finance team. They came in with no onboarding, had to play detective, and improved the situation with little guidance. It’s very rare to find someone who can come in and make such a positive impact on a company with so little background. It was legendary.”

“We would absolutely use VertexCFO again and highly recommend them to other SAAS and high-growth companies. You won’t regret it.”

– Scott Trench, CEO, BiggerPockets, a $20+ million privately-owned SAAS company providing online resources and an education platform for real estate investors.

“Our reality changes daily…. COVID-19, talk of recession, etc. We need a CFO partner to react with us daily and support us with a proactive attitude. I’m so glad we have VertexCFO by our side.”

“VertexCFO has a strategic ability to manage a rapidly growing business and we felt that their heart was in the work. They took our business personally and truly care. They’ve gone the extra mile.”

“Managing cash is paramount, especially now with a pandemic. Some clients are not paying, others are deferring payments. VertexCFO created an 8-week cash forecast we review every week. We can manage dips in cash now that we have this visibility.”

“They are very hands-on. We appreciate their candor and proactive approach.”

“We have financial data that we trust now. Knowing our past results helps us feel more comfortable with future decisions.”

– Greg Sobiech, CEO and Founder, Delve, a company running EOS

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“Brian Medley and VertexCFO went through the battle with us as our CFO. Brian led the calls, helping me orchestrate my moves because it was brand new for me. I’d never been through anything like that, and he had. He could pass his previous experience on to me and there was a ton of value in it. He touched anything financial. We were able to sell the company in 90 days.”

“As a result of working with VertexCFO, when we were approached to sell, we were able to seize the opportunity when it presented itself.”

“We received very positive feedback from the buyers on the organization and structure of the financials, which reflected positively on our company. Additionally, the purchaser has retained the services of VertexCFO. That speaks volumes.”

“Because the financial information was accurate and timely, we finished the financial analysis quickly and closed the sale in 90 days.”

“While smaller companies don’t need, and often can’t afford, a full-time CFO, the CFO function and knowledge is critical in running a business.”

“VertexCFO built a financial model that gave me a clear picture of the true operating expenses and customer profitability, enabling me to formulate strategic decisions to turn the company cash flow positive, which set the company up for growth and scalability. The budget projection tool provided transparency and a visual on the financials projecting out three years, so I could make informed, sound decisions, and hold team members accountable.”

–Jessica Stewart, CEO, Pacific Medical Data Solutions

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“VertexCFO was involved from the start and helped me get my arms around the financial model and the nuances of the business. They were available anytime I needed them — no different than having a CFO in the office next door.”

“I would tell another company considering VertexCFO to ‘just do it.’ Fortunately for me, I did give them a chance.”

“You aren’t going to be successfully raising capital unless you have a strong CFO who can prepare the P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statements.”

“I wouldn’t hesitate to bring Brian into any investor meeting, ever. I trust him emphatically. He would bring a vote of confidence to any company.”

“Accountants aren’t always the people you’d put in front of customers or investors. Brian does not hold an all-or-nothing stance and is personable and likeable. I need to have a relationship with a guy to trust him with the keys to the kingdom.”

“Data accuracy is critical for VertexCFO. They are as fanatical about the data accuracy as we are.”

Chris Lynde, CEO Salescout

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“We knew it was time to bring in an expert. VertexCFO was our answer.”

“Right now, in the midst of a pandemic, I would be alarmed if I didn’t have the ability to see financials the way VertexCFO set them up. We’ve never had visibility into the business and operational KPIs. Now that we do, I am far more confident that I can make good decisions – especially in light of current events.”

“We were looking for someone to see the financial big picture and understand what it would take to move us from small company accounting to a true GAAP financials company. Vertex was able to execute on that rapidly.”

“Using a fractional CFO is a great way to find out where your gaps are and where you need to be. It’s the best way to spend your money. You don’t have to worry you’ve hired a $250K CFO you don’t like — you have the option to change or terminate. There’s no risk. And the impacts are immediate.”

– Carl Craig, PHD, COO, Botanacor Laboratories and Agricor Laboratories

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“It was really nice having Brian available to have an executive-level finance conversation. He operates at a CFO level and can represent me in bank meetings, but, at the same time, understands when we need low level work done and can figure out how to get it done.”

“I believe in building financial systems, especially in this year of COVID. It’s critical work that needs to get done, but I didn’t have time to do it. We leveraged VertexCFO for finance expertise and implementation, allowing me to focus on business-critical items such as product development, recruiting and sales and marketing.”

“VertexCFO supported us with budgeting, cash tracking, and exploring financing options on our behalf. They also interfaced with CPA firms, providing what they needed and responding to their requests. VertexCFO streamlined our processes and lifted a load off the management team, and saved me time, at a critical period of growth for our company.”

– C.P., COO of higher education’s #1 SaaS provider of artificially intelligent chatbots

“In the first few months of our engagement, VertexCFO has taken a good look ‘underneath the hood,’ and is helping us more solidly grasp our business finances, focus on budgeting, all while being strategic for the coming years of continued growth.”

“VertexCFO is helping us model new pay structures, develop solid growth projections, and look at things differently (in an industry that is typically slow to change). They are providing valuable information to our overall leadership and growth.”

“We like that VertexCFO has broad industry experience and works with other companies of a similar size. Companies of our size tend to think we all have unique problems, but we benefit from leveraging a CFO firm with a plethora of industry and sector specific knowledge to provide perspective and solutions.”

“We’ve seen great value in our initial engagement phase, as VertexCFO has helped us gain a good grasp of the financial health of the firm. We understand the importance of having strategic thinking and partnership, and a more comprehensive view of our financial health.”

“VertexCFO educates our entire firm in the emerging financial trends and nuances of the financial industry. Attorneys are skilled in practicing law, and VertexCFO is skilled in bringing complex conversations into understandable and discernable terms, therefore empowering our firm to make the best business decisions.”

“Often CPA’s are not painted as outgoing, fun, or great communicators. Quite the opposite in our meetings with VertexCFO: their principals communicate well, listen, and provide valuable advice.”

“VertexCFO is unique in that they can be both ‘in the trenches’ and provide CFO-level strategic thinking on a daily basis.”

“VertexCFO has brought strategic expertise to our firm, interfacing with our existing accounting team, serving the role both as mentor and educator.”

“Providing knowledge on best practices and establishing process and procedures with a structure for current and future endeavors.”

– Max Eckstein, COO of Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., a Colorado litigation law firm