Colorado growth companies share their experience with VertexCFO

We take away the stress of financial operations so our clients can focus on growing their businesses.

VertexCFO provides fractional CFO and Controller expertise to middle market and well-funded start-up companies seeking to make solid financial decisions to manage, grow or sell their companies. Based in Denver, Colorado, VertexCFO specializes in making sense of complex financial information, providing CEOs and entrepreneurs sound data to run their businesses and present to their investors. VertexCFO supplements current accounting teams, overlaying CFO and Controller knowledge to support budgeting, forecasting, cash management, accuracy of monthly financials, projections and financial presentations to investors and stakeholders. VertexCFO delivers services to clients in a professional yet approachable manner.

CFO & Controller Services

bigger pockets
BiggerPockets partnered with VertexCFO during a difficult time and relied on them to figure out the financial records, with no prior knowledge or history. Given the critical nature of the situation, VertexCFO focused on gaining a strong understanding of business operations and financial reporting with a focus on closing their month-end records. As time progressed, VertexCFO dramatically improved processes and procedures to streamline the close process and improve financial accuracy. Read Case Study

Pacific Medical Data Solutions
Bringing high-quality leadership skills and a breadth of experience, VertexCFO helped a national multi-million-dollar national medical billing company contending with cash flow and growth funding challenges by analyzing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses and implementing corrective actions. VertexCFO provided high-level financial reports and developed a full financial forecasting model, resulting in the resolution of the cash flow issue in just 45 days. Read Case Study

Agricor and Botanacor
After experiencing rapid growth, a state-certified marijuana testing laboratory and a hemp and CBD testing laboratory had outgrown their previous financial accounting systems and desired more strategic accounting and finance strength. Providing executive-level support, VertexCFO helped the companies move efficiently from cash to accrual accounting and provided robust month-end financial reports and trend metrics to give the business owners detailed information and rigorous data. The companies are continuing to grow and have improved the financial tools needed to prepare for long-term strategic initiatives. Read Case Study

This multi-million-dollar privately-owned marketing company was looking for strategic managerial finance and accounting services and wanted a fractional CFO company whose financial expertise could inform their crucial decision-making. VertexCFO helped with financial planning as well as analyzing the company’s financial strengths and vulnerabilities. VertexCFO’s easily digestible monthly financial reporting, focusing on key performance indicators, gave the company the detailed information quickly, so they could make better informed decisions. The monthly reporting cycle has been reduced greatly by VertexCFO. Read Case Study

Capital Raise & Advisory Services

VertexCFO was hired by the founder of a multi-million-dollar B2B data solutions company as they were experiencing cash flow challenges and needed their financial systems reconfigured to provide accurate financial information to the board and potential investors. VertexCFO restructured the financial information to accurately present GAAP financial statements to the board so they had accurate information and cash flows. VertexCFO developed a long-term financial forecast for their Series A financing round, and the CEO and board were successful in raising their Series A round for $2.5 million. Read Case Study

Buy & Sell Services

Pacific Medical Data Solutions
When a multi-million-dollar national medical billing services company wanted to develop a growth plan and increase profitability to position the company for a possible sale within the next five years, they came to VertexCFO for their expertise. VertexCFO provided a plan to diversify revenue offerings with key financial goals to maximize the sale opportunity for the company, resulting in a Letter of Intent from a strategic partner. The company completed a successful early sale within 90 days from the completion of the Letter of Intent at a multiple 10 times greater than the industry standard. Read Case Study

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